Email Security Gateway

With the number of email born threats, Enterprise strength Email Filtering via gateway solutions is considered almost necessary in today’s ever changing environment.

• Decreased SPAM
• Decreased Email oversight by your IT and Security teams
• Suitable for any email solutions including O365, Google Apps/ Mail, Exchange and many other email solutions

We have a number of flexible deployment options including:
• On-premise
• Into your Cloud
• As a SaaS solution

For both On-premise and Hybrid cloud solutions we can also provide managed services around our products to ensure you get the most out of the solutions on an ongoing basis.

Our solution includes:

• Enterprise strength Email Filtering for Malware and spam;
• Co-operative Spam Checksums
• Signatures and Spam Scoring
• Whitelists and Blacklists
• Real-Time IP Blacklists
• Graylisting
• Directory Harvest Attack Prevention
• Real-Time URL Blacklists
• URL to IP Mapping and Blacklists
• URL Categorisation
• Domain Age
• Bayesian Filtering
• Challenge/Response Systems
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Spam tagging
• Quarantining with management for administrator and end user


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