Enterprise password management

Many organizations (large and small) use shared accounts for privileged users (such as Administrators) so that they can have the access they need to do their jobs. However, if this access is managed incorrectly, enabling users to utilize these credentials presents significant security and compliance risks. Misuse of shared privileges can arise be it intentional, accidental or indirect.

So the question arises, how do you manage these accounts and provide auditability of the same? Manual password management process are at times unreliable and provide significant scale and security risks to organisations. Opportunities for misuse abound from certain legacy systems with embedded or hardcoded passwords or application-to-application and application to database access.

With most passwords being static, there must be protections against passwords leaving the organization (such as scenarios where an employee may leave). And, auditing and reporting on access is complex and time consuming for passwords.

An enterprise password management solution will automate password and privileged session management, providing secure access control, auditing, alerting and recording for any privileged account.


The BeyondTrust PowerBroker Enterprise Password Security solution provides visibility and control over all privileged accounts and SSH keys, as well as over the assets and systems they protect. Included session monitoring capabilities ensure maximum security and accountability. This integrated approach enables IT and security staff to reduce risk, simplify privileged access management deployments, and consolidate costs across the organisation.

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