Cloud Services

Secure-ISS recently decided to split the brands under which it’s two divisions operate.

Our Cloud Services and Brokerage operations will now operate under the AppServe brand, with our Cyber Security Solutions marketed under the Secure-ISS brand.


All of our cloud solutions will be managed and marketed through this new brand, including:

– Exchange
– Virtual Private Services
– IaaS
– PaaS
– IBM Softlayer
– Azure
– Web Hosting
– Domain Name registration
– Cloud Brokerage
– O365 offerings

For more information on the AppServe brand head over to our new website

We have also refreshed the Secure-ISS logo to better focus on our Cyber Security product range.


The two businesses remain complimentary with a lot of cross-over in the product and skill set required to keep all of our customer’s data safe, secure and available.

Secure-ISS will remain a single entity with the same proven team meeting your business requirements.