“We have been using Secure-ISS’s Email Security Gateway Service over the past quarter and are very pleased with the product.

We noticed an immediate reduction in the amount of spam emails received and are confident our network is now further protected from cyber criminals.

We would not hesitate in recommending this product to other businesses looking to protect themselves against email-borne threats.”

Fiona Mac Lean, Senior Partner, T3 Partners

“AppServe, has been using Secure-ISS’s Secure Sight Unified Security Management Service (Powered by AlienVault) for 6 months. Whilst delivering Hybrid Cloud Solutions to 500+ customers through-out Australia and the Asia Pacific AppServe have trusted Secure-ISS and AlienVault, to monitor, detect and alert our Cloud team of any unusual traffic, events and threats through-out our infrastructure.

In our experience malicious activity and vulnerabilities in software are quickly identified and alerted to us by the Secure-ISS team and the Secure Sight solution. It has allowed the AppServe team to remediate vulnerabilities and address threat vectors in a proactive timely and cost effective manner.

Secure-Sight is an invaluable service and assists to keep the AppServe business and in turn AppServe’s clients secure.”