Advanced Security Posture

Cyber Security maturity builds upon layers of controls, capabilities and technologies to realise a defence in depth framework.

Secure-ISS assist businesses to build this framework through three over-arching postures: Essential, Advanced and Leadership postures.

Essential posture solutions are often simple to manage and don’t necessarily require specialised resources to monitor and maintain, where as the Advanced and Leadership (Posture) solutions often require a level of expertise to ensure that the solutions (protection and detection methods) are effectively delivered and ongoing value realised.

As a broad group of solutions and services, the Advanced Posture services should not be seen as a requirement for all businesses. However other businesses looking to implement certain frameworks such as the ACSC Essential 8 or CIS 20 may consider some advanced posture solutions mandatory. For example for a company looking at controls as described in the ACSC Essential 8 would consider Privileged Account Management, Least Privileged controls and Application Whitelisting as key deliverables.

As the threat landscape changes and technology protection and detection measures evolve we would expect to see solutions and services within the Advanced posture to change accordingly.

Security - Advanced Posture
Advanced Posture Indicator


Continuous Monitoring

Privileged Account Management

Identity and Single Sign-On Solutions

Secure Web Gateway

Application Whitelisting

Least Privilege Access Control

Incident Response Process

Access Management

Monitor Security