Threat analytics

It’s a fact, IT and security professionals are overloaded with privilege, vulnerability and attack information.

IT teams of all sizes suffer from too much data and not enough information, as security tools generate a steady stream of alerts about important (and not so important) activity.

What seems an isolated event are often written off as exceptions, filtered out, or lost altogether in a sea of data. The intruder continues to traverse the network, and the damage continues to multiply. IT teams without deep security expertise are then required to conduct research into each alarm to understand the significance of each alarm and what to do about it.

Unfortunately, advanced persistent threats (APTs) often go undetected because traditional security analytics solutions are unable to correlate diverse data to discern hidden risks.

Is there a solution to these issues? An advanced threat analytics solution can effectively detect critical IT security threats that were previously lost amidst volumes of data, enabling businesses to identify users and assets displaying patterns of risky activity.


This is done through:

  • Gathering, centralizing and baselining all asset and user activity in one place
  • Connecting disparate evidence to reveal hidden risks
  • Checking environmental data against global threat databases
  • Detecting abnormal changes signaling in-progress threats
  • Spotlighting users and assets posing the greatest risk
  • Increasing the value and ROI of existing security investments

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