Managed End Point Security Services (MSSP)

Is your End Point protection up to date? If your database definitions aren’t up to date, there is no point having protection running. 
Do you have visibility on your level of protection and the virus activity within in your organisation?
Are you staff educated in the best way to address SPAM emails?

We provide a number of managed security solutions that will provide your business with:

  • Complete End Point protection on a subscription basis
  • Fully managed service including installation, maintenance and upgrades (including policy exceptions)
  • Organisation wide reporting on your End Point protection
  • Ensure that database updates are being run on an a regular basis
  • Provide educational direction for your team to ensure that your organisation remains protected

All for a single low monthly price.

One feature of Kaspersky End Point Protection is Application Startup Control, which enables an organisation to manage which software applications are able to be executed by policy. You can be confident if you download malicious software it will be prevented from running while Kaspersky End Point Protection is in operation


Kaspersky Services
Do you already have a Kaspersky installation and are looking to make the most of your setup? As Kaspersky experts we can assist you make the most of your existing investment.

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