Cloud Planning and Strategy

Building upon the outcomes from the Audit and Discovery activities, Secure-ISS work with customers to help them better understand their workloads and data in use across the organisation. We seek to understand the overall business value of this data and workloads.

During this planning stage, businesses have the opportunity to ask a series of questions of their current technology and associated processes. Are they still relevant? Do they continue to contribute to the business through-out their digital transformation journey?

It also allows pause and the opportunity to consider “Cloud Native” technologies (such as Micro services).

Cloud - Planning Strategy

Preparing for the future…

The conversation also addresses current and future cloud use cases across the business. Secure-ISS provides flexibility and choice by offering multiple services to meet business, security, functional and sovereignty requirements.

During the Planning and Strategy phase, Secure-ISS work with clients (People. Systems and Processes) to:

  • Document, address and/ or mitigate risks associated with workload migrations;
  • Understand the current technology stack in use;
  • Review use cases for the current solutions;
  • Work with Business owners who understand the business processes for applicable solutions and workloads;
  • Address Interoperability items and risks with legacy workloads and multiple cloud platforms;
  • Prioritise workload shifts (according to client requirements);
  • Assist in the procurement of/ Recommendation of Cloud vendors and solutions;
  • Review Security and Compliance Requirements (including Data Sovereignty);

Additional Cloud Services include:

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