Unprotected devices or computers that hold data are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks, spam and other threats that can compromise a user’s identity and undermine the security of the computer’s hardware and the information it contains. Therefore, it is essential businesses apply best practice when using computer technology.

Mobile Security

Employees using mobile devices for work as well as personal use increases the chance of a company’s IT security being breached, as once hackers gain access to unsecured personal information on a mobile device, gaining access to users corporate and business data is simple.

Methods cybercriminals use to gain unauthorized access to mobile devices include infected applications, public WIFI with low security levels, phishing attacks and infected text messages. User can also get infected with malware when they visit a malicious website, or even a legitimate website infected with malicious code.

Kaspersky Security for Mobile solves these issues by providing multi-layered protection and a wide range of mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) functions. These significantly reduce the time needed for maintenance of mobile devices and provide secure mobile access to corporate systems.


Virtualization Security

As enterprises continue to roll out virtualized environments across more of their IT estate, there is an increasing need for security designed specifically for virtualization. But finding a solution which provides security capabilities both for you growing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and your virtual server environment, while retaining all the performance benefits of virtualization, is not easy!

The solution securing your virtualized infrastructure should deliver uninterrupted protection, providing enhanced functionality while still securing the efficiency of virtual infrastructure.

The unique architecture of Kaspersky Lab’s specialized solution provides efficient multi-layered virtual machine (VM) protection without sacrificing performance. The result is significantly higher consolidation ratios than with traditional anti-malware solutions. Scanning and update storms are eliminated, together with windows of vulnerability or ‘instant on’ gaps. With additional layers of protection combined with network attack blocking mechanisms, Kaspersky Lab’s solution takes corporate virtualization platform security to the next level.


Endpoint Security

Hackers and cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods of attack against complex enterprise IT environments. Without adequate measures to manage IT security, enterprises expose themselves to unnecessary risk.

The majority of enterprise cyberattacks are initiated through the endpoint. Therefore, if an enterprise can effectively secure every corporate endpoint, be it static, virtual or mobile, it has a string foundation for effective security strategy.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is next-generation protection against known, unknown and advanced threats targeting your endpoints and users. The solution offers a range of security solutions with tailored tools and technologies that deliver a range of tools and capabilities with increasing functionality. All components are developed in-house and form a common platform which can be easily adapted to meet the changing needs of business.