Enterprise solutions are used to satisfy the needs of an organization by enabling them to retrieve and disseminate mission-critical data throughout the organization, providing managers with real-time operating information.

Anti Targeted Attack

Targeted attacks are long term processes that compromise security and give the attacker control over the victim’s IT, while evading detection through traditional security technologies. While some attackers use Advanced Persistent Threats (ATPs), which can be very effective but expensive to implement, other ‘targeted attacks’ are much cheaper to mount and can be just as devastating. These targeted attacks, using basic techniques – social engineering, stolen credentials, legitimate software or even malware covered by a stolen certificate- may not make the headlines, but they are everywhere.

Most enterprises have already made an investment in IT security solutions primarily located at the gateway level, and while effective in protecting against common threats, these preventative security technologies are not enough. Advanced, targeted threats can typically remain undetected for 200 days or more, while cyber criminals silently gather valuable information and/ or impact vital business processes. Prevention based security technologies may well detect individual incidents, but will generally fail to recognize that these are part of a far more dangerous and complex ongoing attack.

Left unchecked, a targeted attack is likely to cause severe damage to the business, including:
• High losses
• Competitive espionage
• Confidential data loss
• Remote control by the attacker of apparently ‘authorized’ business processes
• Stealth manipulation of financial and other critical data.

The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform includes real time monitoring of network traffic, combined with sandboxing and endpoint behavior analysis, to deliver detailed insights as to precisely what’s happening right across a business’s IT infrastructure. This adaptive security approach protects businesses against the most sophisticated threats, targeted attack, new malware – including ransomware and crimeware – and of course APTs.


Private Security Network

It takes up to four hours for standard security solutions to receive the information need to detect and block the almost 310,000 new malicious programs discovered by Kaspersky Lab every day. Threat intelligence sharing via Kaspersky Private Security Network provides this information in 30-40 seconds.

The solution delivers Kaspersky Lab’s security intelligence to every system connected to the internet, ensuring the quickest reaction times, lowest false positive rates and maintaining the highest level of protection – even against unknown, advanced threats.

Kaspersky Private Security Network allows enterprises to take advantage of most of the benefits of cloud assisted security and addresses critical cyber security concerns without releasing any data whatsoever outside their controlled perimeter.

Kaspersky Private Security Network:
• Identifies the source of malware and prevents it from spreading
• Identifies and differentiates between targeted attacks and more general threats
• Minimizes damage caused by cybersecurity incidents
• Assesses incident investigations and remediation requirements
• Reduces false positives
• Complies with strict regulatory, security and privacy standards.


Security for Data Centers

To keep pace with the ever-increasing levels of data being process by large enterprises, it is important to store and access data in a manner which preserves its safety and integrity. Regardless of whether an enterprise operates their own data center or uses the services of a third party, the security solution in place should not only protect all critical data effectively and continuously, it should also preserve the performance of the data center infrastructure.

It is important the solution employed scales effectively to cope with the growth of the data center, which means fully integrating with your existing IT environment, otherwise it will drag down data center performance levels and reduce overall operational efficiency as your business grows.
Kaspersky Security for Data Centers offers solutions that focus on protecting the two essential areas of your data center: your virtual infrastructure and your data storage systems.

This comprehensive solution:
• Protects your data and systems against cyberattack
• Provides effective tools for maintaining high levels of performance and business continuity
• Lets your team manage the security of all virtual and physical machines in the data center from a single centralized console.

Kaspersky Lab’s solution features:
• Security specifically built for major virtualization platforms, including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and KVM.
• Security for networks attached storage (NAS) systems including EMC, NetApp, DELL, IBM, Hitachi and Oracle.


Security Intelligence Services

Traditional security solutions such as anti-virus, firewall and intrusion detection are no longer enough for comprehensive protection against cyber criminals and emerging threats – today, a new security approach based on human reaction is required to fill this security gap.

Cyber security awareness and education are now critical requirements for enterprise faced with increasing volumes of constantly evolving threats. Kaspersky Lab helps enterprise to guard against these threats by sharing up-to-the-minute intelligence with customers through their broad range of intelligence services, which help to ensure a business’s Security Operations Center and/ or IT security team is equipped to protect business.

Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Unlike viruses that tend to propagate automatically, DDoS attacks rely on human expertise and insight. The attacker researches the business they are targeting – assessing vulnerabilities and carefully choosing the most appropriate attack tools to achieve their objectives. Then, in real time the cyber criminals constantly adjust their tactics and select different tools to maximize the damage they inflict.

To defend against DDoS attacks, enterprise need a solution that detects attacks as quickly as possible.

Kaspersky DDoS Protection delivers a total, integrated DDoS attack protection and mitigation solution that takes care of every stage necessary to defend your business against all types of DDoS attack.

Special sensor software runs on client infrastructure to monitor network traffic, detecting subtle anomalies that make signal the start of a DDoS attack. In the event of an attack, Kaspersky alert the business and offer the option of redirecting traffic to a Cleaning Center for remediation.


Fraud Prevention

In the first quarter of 2015 alone, Kaspersky Lab solutions blocked attempts to launch malware capable of stealing money via online banking on the computers of 929,082. This figure represents a 64.3% increase compared to the previous quarter.

Deloitte believes that the financial services sector faces the greatest economic risk related to cybersecurity and will be forced to devote greater resources to enhancing the security, vigilance and resilience of their cyber security model.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention boosts a bank’s existing security system, providing a new level of protection against fraud. The solutions protect users’ digital accounts, computers, mobile devices and the banks’ systems. By protecting customer accounts and transactions, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps banks to increase customer loyalty.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps financial institutions to stop hackers from achieving their goals by actively preventing Account TakeOver, Transaction Tampering, and Identity Theft – eliminating the threat of fraud before it happens. The solution also enables the bank’s anti-fraud team to gather accurate information about each incident, including the details used to gain access to the account.

• Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Clientless Malware Detection provides server-side technologies that protect 100% of your customers regardless of what device or platform they are using. The system allows your bank to detect access by infected customers at the earliest possible point.
• Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Mobile helps to protect users who access their bank accounts from mobile devices.
• Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints runs on your customers’ Windows PC and Mac computers to provide powerful root-cause prevention against malware and internet based attacks.
• Kaspersky Fraud Prevention User Assessment Service protects digital banking accounts from Account TakeOver attempts from criminals trying to gain fraudulent access to your legitimate customer accounts.

Industrial Cybersecurity

Malicious attacks on industrial environments have increased significantly in recent years. Risks to supply chains and interruptions to business operations have ranked as the number one business risk concern globally for the past three years; cyber incident risk is the number one emerging concern. For business operating industrial or critical infrastructure systems, the risks have never been greater.

Industrial security has consequences that reach far beyond business and reputational protection. In many instances, there are significant ecological, social and macro-economic considerations when it comes to protecting industrial systems from cyberthreats. All critical infrastructure needs the highest possible level of protection against a growing range of threats.

At the same time, industrial environments need an integrated solution that increases the availability of technological processes by detecting and preventing actions (intentional or accidental) that result in the disruption or halting of vital processes.

Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity is designed specifically with the needs of industrial organizations in mind, including a special focus on preserving the continuity of technological processes. Flexible, versatile settings mean the solution can be configured to meet the unique needs and requirements of individual industrial facilities.

This highly specialized solution:
• Provides holistic cybersecurity for industrial environments
• Offers the full cycle of security services, from cybersecurity assessment to incident response
• Supplies unique security technologies that were developed specifically for industrial systems
• Minimizes downtime and technological process delays.


Targeted Security Solutions

One size fits all solutions can’t meet the specific requirements of different devices – all devices within the corporate network need reliable, specialized protection. Kaspersky Lab’s range of targeted security solutions ensures the security of individual network components – file and mail servers, internet gateways, collaboration servers.

Security for Mail Server – Kaspersky Security for Mail Server protects mail traffic against spam, phishing links and malware. It supports common email platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Linux Mail Server and IBM Domino. In addition, a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) module to control the spread of confidential information has been implemented for the Microsoft Exchange email platform.

Security for File Server – Kaspersky Security for File Server is an efficient, reliable and scalable solution for the protection of general access file storage, with no noticeable effect on system performance. The solution provides protection against malware for servers based in Linux and Windows.

Security for Internet Gateway – Kaspersky for Internet Gateway checks HTTP and FTP traffic and provides comprehensive protection for your perimeter against malware and dangerous programs by blocking the latest current and potential threats.

Security for Collaboration – Kaspersky Security for Collaboration provides the maximum level of security for the entire SharePoint environment and its users. The solution combines effective technologies to protect against malicious attacks and confidential data leaks with ease of management and use.