Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security

Payment card systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Around 90% of all ATMs still run on the now unsupported Windows XP operating system. Secure-ISS is proud to deliver Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security, software specially designed to protect a variety of embedded systems under Microsoft Windows OS including ATM’s (automated teller machines) and POS’s (points of sale) against viruses and other computer threats.

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security is suitable for a range of organisations, including Financial, Insurance, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Restaurants, Ticketing and ATM/POS Service Providers.

With Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security you can be confident your business is protected against:
• Theft by duplicated credit cards, created from POS and ATM memory dumps
• Targeted attacks, initiated through your payment system endpoints
• Cash lost through direct hacking of individual ATM
• All the costs associated with reputational and brand damage, and remediation at individual customer level
• Theft and exploitation of your customers’ credentials and confidential data
• Being forced to update hardware and operating systems in order to update your security


Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security

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