Leadership Security Posture

The Leadership Posture solutions and controls continue to build on the foundations of solutions and controls within the Essentials and Advanced Postures.

The controls and solutions within this layer address specific risks, business use cases and deliver visibility into various technology and user behaviour across an organisation. Most solutions, at present, have a mid-market and enterprise focus, and require skilled resources to implement. Further, an ongoing investment in the management and monitoring of these services is considered essential for organisations looking to protect and add-value to their businesses.

As the threat landscape changes and technology protection and detection measures evolve, we expect to see solutions, controls and services within the Leadership posture change accordingly.

Secure-ISS assists business identify gaps within their security posture and deliver the applicable controls and solutions to mitigate and protect business from specific threats. We work with a number of leading vendors to deliver the overall solution, ensuring organisational compliance and reduced risk for businesses within the Small and Mid-Market segments.

Security - Leadership Posture
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