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Patch Deployment

Is your network at risk due to unpatched vulnerabilities? Patching is one of the ASD Top 4 Mitigation strategies and can mean to difference between a compromised and protected system. Cybercriminals and malware can use unpatched vulnerabilities – within software applications and operating systems – as a gateway into your corporate networks. In fact, unpatched…


Protecting your accounts in light of the Yahoo hack

Yahoo revealed last week that they had been the victims of the largest publically disclosed data breach in history, with 500 million user accounts compromised. The hack occurred in 2014, when names, email addresses, passwords, telephone numbers, birthdates and more were stolen by “state-sponsored” hackers. While the stolen passwords were encrypted, this type of encryption…


Security Alert: DropBox Hack and ATO Scam

It was confirmed this week that when DropBox was hacked in 2012 up to 68 million passwords and email addresses were stolen. These passwords and email addresses have now been leaked online by cyber criminals, leaving them publically available. The Secure-ISS team of security experts advise all clients who were using DropBox in 2012 to change your…