Secure Sight (MSSP)

Monitor and respond to incidents with Secure Sight

Most organisations don’t have the tools, time, or staff expertise to deal with the challenge of keeping up with the evolving threat landscape and increased sophistication of attack techniques. By partnering with Secure-ISS, your organisation can leverage best practices to improve your network security while reducing your staffing requirements and ultimately lowering costs.

Secure-ISS is proud to offer a unified security service (Secure Sight) comprising of five integrated, essential security technologies:


By unifying these essential security capabilities within a single platform and delivering continuously updated threat intelligence, our platform provides you with answers to the following critical questions:


With our Secure Sight service and the Secure-ISS team, we are able to detect emerging threats across your environment, respond quickly to incidents and conduct thorough investigations. We are also able to measure, manage, and report on compliance (PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and more). We help you put the tick in the box!

Below we have provided three tiers of Secure Sight services to address an overall security requirement. All services have been designed to address differing security postures, align with compliance requirements and meet budget constraints. Note: These packages are representative of our experience in the market. We can tailor a package to suit your requirements and budget.

Security Device Log CollectionXXX
Network Intrusion DetectionXXX
Remediation Instructions/ RecommendationsXXX
Reputation MonitoringXXX
Counter Threat IntelligenceXXX
DDoS DetectionXXX
Database Log CollectionXXX
Standard Compliance ReportingXXX
Advance Persistence Threat DetectionXXX
Event Correlation & AnalysisXX
Server & Service AvailabilityXX
Customised ReportingXX
Reporting & Notification PeriodX
Remediation Hours0 hours10 hoursUnlimited
Customised DashboardsX
Vulnerability Testing & ReportingX
File Integrity MonitoringX
Host & Wireless IDSX
Reporting & NotificationX

Regardless of your selected tier, Secure Sight provides all customers with Log Storage and Search features, in addition to Monthly Management and Service Reports and access to a secure Customer Portal. As part of the service the Secure-ISS SOC team also monitor, escalate (and where applicable to the tier) remediate alarms and events triggered through-out the client environment.