Access Management Services

Although a relatively new concept Privileged (or Secure) Access Management, allows an organisation to manage user access to the privileged assets within their computer environment and keep a track of this access.

This ensures that the people that have access to your computers and services are authorised. You can then decide whether that access is audited or recorded against.

Our expertise covers 3 primary Access Management services as listed below: 

Security - Access Management


Asset Discovery Management

Enterprise Password Management

Secure Access Management

Asset Discovery and Management

If you are still reliant upon manual processes you could be exposing your organisation to a potentially damaging breach. Visibility on your systems and solutions is the first step in any process to successfully manage and secure assets.

Secure Access Management

Secure-ISS have a number of solutions to assist you in eliminating hard-coded or embedded application credentials automatically, simplifying management for IT and better securing your organization from exploitation.
Security - Who's Probing Your Defences


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