Citrix Content Collaboration (ShareFile)

What is Citrix ShareFile?

Citrix ShareFile is an enterprise strength cloud storage and sharing platform that scales to any size business! From the smallest of businesses to enterprises, ShareFile enables users to send large documents by email, securely handle document transfers to third parties, and access a collaboration space from desktops or mobile devices. ShareFile provides users with many ways to work, including a web-based interface, mobile clients, desktop tools, and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

ShareFile, features in many an organisation’s digital transformation strategies. ShareFile is similar to the Dropbox or, however provides enterprise security and audit features. It provides features and ease of use for the end-user, but provides security and auditability features for business owners and IT leaders within the organisation. There are many deployment options for ShareFile, which address requirements around data security and data sovereignty. Secure-ISS can assist your business with an on-premises deployment, hybrid cloud or public cloud solution.

Citrix ShareFile
Cloud Citrix ShareFile

Secure-ISS provide a number of services in and around the Citrix Content Collaboration (ShareFile) platform, for businesses of all sizes across the Asia Pacific region.

Citrix ShareFile – Features at a Glance

ShareFile provides organisations with a Digital workspace platform to deliver results for the often (over) used “Work from anywhere, anytime and on any device”.

Citrix FileShare Sync2


Send files to anyone from within or outside the organization (External users do not contribute to the license count)

Large file sharing

Send files up to 100GB. No more file size limitations. Replacing Secure FTP, no and USB data drive, swapping.

Multi-language support

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File Check In / Check Out

Allows users to lock a file while making changes Supports collaboration scenarios.

Custom Branding

Companies have the ability to custom brand the service.

Offline Access

Save files locally, enabling offline access and editing from mobile devices.

Mobile & web app editing with Microsoft Office 365

Open and edit files stored in ShareFile without desktop versions of Microsoft Office (requires Office 365 License), enables quick and easy collaboration from any browser, computer or mobile device.

Medical image viewer

View diagnostic-quality medical images, enabling users to share large medical images that can be viewed without downloading

Citrix ShareFile – Adding value to O365

Let’s get something straight at the outset. ShareFile doesn’t compete with OneDrive or SharePoint. It’s not a one solution or the other conversation. ShareFile complements the solutions and assists businesses in getting more value out of the O365 offering.

Consider an organisation transitioning to “The Cloud” with O365 as a centre of this strategy. ShareFile provides options for legacy data to be moved to the Cloud (with a choice of repository) or remain on site and accessed via On-Premises connectors.

With many businesses already on O365 or contemplating a move in the near future, ShareFile should be a considered platform for your organisation.

ShareFile and O365

Consulting and Managed Services

A Citrix Cloud Service Provider, Secure-ISS provide a number of consulting services to help your company start their journey with Citrix ShareFile or assist your company get the most from your current implementation.

We can combine any number of these services into a complete Turn-key managed service. So your team can get on with Business as Usual knowing that your ShareFile platform is available, secure and working for your business.

Our Cloud experts are ready to assist!

Our capability across the ShareFile platform include:

  • Platform Setup
  • Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor authentication setup (Binding to AD or other identity providers)
  • Migration Services
  • Management, Monitoring and Audit services (Data Loss Prevention)
  • Integration Services
  • Workflow creation services; and
  • Security reviews and recommendations

Citrix Sharefile is part of our 'Cloud Division' solutions.

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