Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

What is a Managed Detection and Response service?

Managed Detection and Response services extend an organisation’s security program beyond the essential preventative technology set (such as End point and Edge protection measures) to address advanced threat hunting, detection, response and monitoring activities.

Fill in your advanced threat detection gaps with our MDR services by adding threat detection, incident response and various monitoring capabilities.

Our service is customised to include incident response retainers to perform forensic analysis in data breach incidents.

Security - MDR Managed Detection and Response
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Why should I use an MDR Service?

Secure-ISS’s MDR services provide a turn-key approach for organisations. The service includes/addresses:

  • Essential Threat Detection, Incident Response and Monitoring capabilities
  • Capabilities to disrupt and contain threats based upon pre-agreed policy and automated actions
  • Resourcing issues associated with finding, training and retaining suitable Cyber Security talent
  • Quick time to value outcomes for clients

How does the service fit into my current security program?

Secure-ISS use a combination of underlying technologies to deliver our MDR services. The MDR service (and technology) are tailored based upon a number of key factors including a customers’ existing technology, controls and security stack (Cloud and On-Premises), budget and overall security maturity level.

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Managed Detection and Response is part of our 'Security - Leadership Posture' solution.

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