Securing Australian Schools and Businesses with Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Monitoring, Detection & Response (SIEM Solutions)

Monitoring, Detection & Response (SIEM Solutions)

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Evaluate your cybersecurity posture with a free initial assessment.

Our team specialises in helping organisations align with the Essential Eight, ISO 27001 and NIST frameworks.  

After the initial cybersecurity assessment, we recommend the best solutions based on your organisation’s size, compliance needs, and goals. 

Many organisations start their onboarding process with a combined security event monitoring, endpoint protection solution and continuous vulnerability scanning.

Security Event Monitoring

Endpoint Protection


Continuous Vulnerability Assessment


We are the trusted Australian education sector experts. 

The Leader in Australian School Security

With over 70 school clients sharing similar environments, our services include continuously updated rules tailored specifically for schools. 

Agile and Focused

As a boutique security provider, our agility enables us to implement new features based on user feedback

Always Watching

Our Security Operations Centre has eyes on screens 24/7 for resource-constrained IT teams.

CertifiedOur Security Operation Centre is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. 

100% Australian Owned and Run

We are an Australian family-owned business on the Gold Coast securing organisations since 2006. 

Vigilant Security

Our governance team will meet with you monthly to review your security posture.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions

Security Event Monitoring

Endpoint Protection


Zero Trust and Email Security


Continuous Vulnerability Scanning


Active Directory and Identity Protection

Dark Web Monitoring


Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Incident Response Plans

Cyber Framework Alignment


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